Jos Dessauvagie, Vice President Group Compensation & Benefit, Carlsberg Breweries A/S:

...Bettina joined Carlsberg as interim Head of Global Mobility at a turbulent time in Carlsberg. But with her extensive mobility experience and relentless service-attitude she managed to deliver results very quickly. During her stay with Carlsberg she laid the foundation for a new Mobility Policy, implemented new ways-of-working and really managed to put mobility on the radar screen in the wider HR community. Her ‘service-with-a-smile’ approach left a lasting impression! I can highly recommend Bettina for her broad skills and experience, as well as her managerial abilities.

Else Hermansen, Vice President HR Telenor Region Asia (previously Compensation & Benefit Director in Borealis A/S):

...Bettina always has a positive ‘Can do’ attitude. She thrieves at finding solutions that considers and combines complex needs and situations – whether due to differences in country legislation, culture, business or individual preferences. And even more she can ensure that the chosen solutions are actually implemented in the organisation.

She combines her analytical skills when investigating and comparing different countries tax, social security, pension and insurance systems etc. with her strong communication skills to provide overview and clarity.

When heading the project of improving our performance management process, she ensured a lean web supported process that fitted our business and people strategy and at the same time ensured that the local country specific business needs, union rules and legislation requirements were incorporated.

As responsible for the global people mobility policy, she coordinated a virtual team of local implementors to guide, share practice, and ensure it was in line with the Assignment policy and business values.

She handles Executives, direct managers and employees with great professionalism and respect, and always with a big smile.

Per Kold, President and CEO in Bodenhoff A/S:

...I would like to express my great satisfaction with the advising and guidance, I have received. Not only have I perceived you as very professional, but you also seem extremely interested in solving the problems for your clients in an extremely good way. To create confidence and security, which I feel is important when you advise people about their situation, you master to perfection’.