If your strategic vision is to be an international organization, you need to consider to which extent the performance of your global workforce will increase depending on what you deliver.

Q1: Do you need support in answering: What do we need to deliver?

Business needs

What are our key global mobility needs in order to achieve our global business strategies?
Are we aligned within the organization - to the extent needed?
What level of mobility service is expected internally?

Global programs

Are our needs supported by our global mobility programs?
Should we have global, regional or local programs; should it be
segmented for example by assignment category?

We offer to...
- Facilitate and support the discussions with relevant stakeholders,
- Analyse business needs based on collected data and interview,
- Recommend programs,
- Assist with implementation,
- Train and communicate.

We work closely together with your internal resources and external providers depending on your organizational structure.

The decision on how many resources and where to invest them when managing your global workforce will influence whether your people are managed in the most efficient way.

Q2: Do you need support in answering: How do we deliver our global mobility services?


Are we sure that we follow country specific rules and regulations?
Is our mobility policy understood and implemented correctly - globally, regionally or locally?


Do we have clarity on the processes? Do we handle the entire
Assignment process ourselves or do we outsource wholly/partly?
Do we focus resources on the pitfalls and burning platforms?
Do our external service suppliers provide sufficient support, quality and proactivity?
Do our HR systems and tools support our processes?

We offer to...
- Provide an overview and review of internal processes,
- Analyse if there are any burning platforms,
- Define quality requirements from external service providers,
- Assist in finding and reviewing external service providers,
- Assist with implementation of service provider agreements,
- Train and communicate internal and external ressources.

We work closely together with your internal ressources and other external global mobilty providers to ensure you get the best coordinated all-round service and hands-on solutions.

The way you manage your global workforce influence the way your people perform. Your investment in your international people should be carefully considered to ensure the most benefit to your organisation.

Q3: Do you need support in answering: To which degree are we successful?

Return on Investment / Mobility metrics

How do we measure ROI on our assignment costs?
What mobility metrics would support management decisions?
Are our internal customers satisfied with our global mobility services?

Competitive / Benchmarking

Are we able to move our people in a competitive and attractive
way to the locations where they can be of most benefit to our company?

We offer to...
- Provide recommendations how to measure ROI,
- Review what makes sense to measure depending on business needs,
- Facilitate internal customer surveys and external benchmark surveys,
- Review outcome of surveys in order to recommend actions to improve and assist with implementation.

We work closely together with your internal ressources and other external global mobilty providers to ensure you get the best coordinated all-round service.