Global Mobility Management

Being succesful in an increasingly global world put high demands on organizations. To achieve succes the people who work globally need to be able to focus fully on their business tasks. A good assignment considers the needs of as well the organization, the Assignee and the family. Key elements to achieve this is clarity on terms & conditions, offer sufficient support and working in compliance with relevant regulations in the countries they operate in.

Handling your global workforce is a complex task. It consists of many elements and responsibilities herefor are placed in different parts of the organization . Managing the operational global mobility set-up (assignment contracts, pay, permits etc.) includes clarity on internal processes as well as following external tax, social security, emigration rules etc. that varies between countries. Clarity on your mobilty needs, alignment within the organization, communication and measuring how succesful you are, will enable you to focus on what your business is really about.

We offer high quality advice within global mobility management. We focus on coordinating and aligning the multiple global mobility elements required to ensure that

- The business needs are supported in the best way (impact)

- The employees are moved in the right way (efficiency)

- With the most benefit to the company (effectiveness)
Bittina Tang